That’s us – Karen and Barry, THE COMPUTER TUTORS.  We have been married over 43 years and have been working with computers for the last 32 of them.  Our computer experience began in 1979 when we purchased the Atari 400 computer.  Since then computers have been an intricate part of our lives, both at home and in business. As the industry progressed so did we and in 1996 we began our Personal Computer Training Program. We provide our clients with technical expertise, training skills, and patience.  Computers should be fun, and we want you to have fun learning how to use them with confidence

Our Website

We have created this website with you in mind.   Learning is an adventure that has no age limit. Most Seniors have not had the opportunity to use computers until recently and age does make a difference in the learning process. We provide easy to understand articles, website links and insights in a clear and concise manner so that learning about today's technology is uncomplicated and fun. We hope we can help our followers to better enjoy life using the many tools available with today's technology.

Personal Computer Training

Our courses are taught in your home or online and are designed to meet your individual needs. Skills are taught and reinforced through hands on training and easy to follow, detailed instructions.  This also enables us to fully customize your lessons, match your specifics needs and teach at your pace. 

Our in home training is available in Ocean County New Jersey.  For everyone else we can train you or service your computer with our remote services.  All you need is a High Speed Internet Connection and a computer.  We will be able to share your desktop, mouse and keyboard from our location, as if we were sitting next to you.

Private one-on-one training provides an atmosphere free of competition.  You are able to ask specific questions, relative to your needs, during your private lessons without feeling intimidated by other students.  Having a Personal Computer Tutor allows for flexibility within your private computer lesson plans.  This gives us the ability to troubleshoot and help with any computer related problems or issues that you  may be experiencing.

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