Age Gracefully-Keep Learning

I was once approached by an elderly gentleman who gave me an interesting bit of advice -"Don't grow old." I told him I would prefer that over the alternative. I have many choices to make in life, a major one is how I respond to the aging process.

Good health is vital to our enjoying all phases of our life. We know that exercise,eating nutritious food and getting regular checkups will help to keep us healthy but what keeps us young? A strong belief in the joy of just being does it for me. Age does not limit my ability to learn, to face new challenges, to embrace new opportunities, or to enjoy the company of friends and family, to laugh,to dance, and have fun.

As a computer instructor I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of seniors who have not thrown in the towel. They may not comprehend the information as well or as quickly as their grandchildren but eventually they are able to accomplish their goals.  They learn how to use email, use Skype, organize their pictures, navigate the Internet, play games, meet new people, do their banking and become part of the social network revolution.  One of my customers at age 95 is even doing online stock trading.

So my advice to you as you age is never say to yourself, "I am too old to learn or do that. At 92 my mom dances every Saturday night, goes shopping almost daily, plays in two card games a week, still does her own taxes, keeps herself well groomed, reads books on a kindle, and most important loves to laugh.  I have never heard her once say "don't grow old." At age 65 I know I still have a lot of growing, learning, and laughing  left in me.

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