Bullying – A Positive Outcome – you’ve Got Emily-Anne Rigal

When I was in Junior High School I was the victim of a bully. She terrorized me on the way to and from school.   I was embarrassed by it and did not mention it to anyone.  She really got her thrills one day by attacking me.  At that point my mom found out.  She in turn went to the girl's home and had a conversation with her parents.  I was never bothered again.  Parents took things into their own hands in the 1950's and were often able to solve problems without going further. 

It is so different for kids today.  The peer pressures are probably similar, however children can extend pressure by posting on the internet not only words but pictures and videos. If that incident happened today a video of it would be on YouTube within minutes. 

Browsing my home page I came across a video on YouTube by a young woman who had been a victim of bullying.  She lost all self respect and had been extremely unhappy.  Her mom changed her school and her life.  This video is a must see. It is inspiring to watch what people can accomplish by using the internet as a powerful and positive force. See how Emily-Anne Rigal turned the negative into the positive.

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