How Do You Choose an Internet Browser

The first thing to choosing a Browser is knowing what a browser is and in my experience more then half the people I know are clueless, even though the browser is one of the most-used programs on your computer. A browser simply is a program that brings websites to your computer. Think of a browser as a television set.  Without it you would not be able to see your shows.  Now let's say you have two televisions, a Sony and a Visio. They both do exactly the same thing – get you to a certain channel where you can see your show.

All  computers using the Windows Operating System come with  Internet Explorer (a browser). It does not necessarily mean that it is the best browser for you.   It does however mean more income for Microsoft.  Older versions of Internet Explorer tend to run poorly and have security issues. Internet 9, Microsoft's new version of the browser, is faster, trimmer,and is a major improvement over its predecessors. You can download Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website, however you must know what version of Windows you have and if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit machine.  Internet Explorer 9 is unavailable for those computers running Windows XP.

Two other options that are popular as browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are safer and faster than older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are running into problems on the internet, such as computer freezes it could be that your browser  has become corrupted.  In the meantime my suggestion is to use the browser you are most comfortable with. 



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