Problems with CIDGloballight.exe – Xfinity Toolbar

If you have Comcast as your ISP one of your toolbars may be the Xfinity toolbar. Along with the toolbar a file, CIDGlobalLight.exe is added to your computer. It is not visible and there is no description of it.The toolbar itself is supposed to enhance your searches, add additional security to your web browsing and adds easier access to On Demand, Movies and TV, so it just another enhancement to your internet experience. CIDGlobalLight however can  present problems while you are on the Internet and slow your machine down. One of my customers was having this problem and the solution was to uninstall the entire Xfinity Toolbar via the Control Panel.

  • Click on Start
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on Remove Programs if in Windows XP or Programs and Features if you are using Vista or Windows 7
  • Click on Xfinity Toolbar
  • Click on uninstall


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