Sticky Notes


In the past I used colored sticky notes to remind me of tasks I needed to undertake, calls I had to make, or groceries I needed to buy. I would stick them on my desk and remove them when the task was complete, or locate them days later where they had fallen.

I can now use sticky notes without using any paper. Windows 7 comes with a great App called sticky notes.  To run the app: Click on the Start Menu in the left corner of your desktop, type sticky in the search box that appears in the menu located under Programs, and then press the Enter Key on the keyboard. You immediately see a new note which looks just like the real thing.  Now just start typing whatever it is you need to remember.  It's that simple. Need another note? Click the plus sign on the new note and another one appears on your desktop. Want to delete it? Click the X in the opposite corner. If you prefer a different color just click with the right mouse button in the body of the note and choose from six options.

You can remove the sticky notes from your desktop by closing them. Click with the right mouse button on the taskbar icon and choose Close Window, but do not be concerned because sticky notes will restore your notes just the way you left them the next time your run the App.  

Now that I use my digital sticky notes I have a much neater desk area, less paper to recycle, and as a result, I  do not concern myself with finding sticky notes days later when I still haven't accomplished what was on that lost note.

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