Take Care of Your Computer Monitor

I have worked with many adult computer beginners who were confused as to  the difference between the computer and monitor, often thinking the monitor was the computer. The monitor is the device that displays the desktop and programs that you want to work on. You then  interact with the computer by using the keyboard and mouse, observing them on the monitor's screen.

I take care of my computer by updating the operating system and programs, installing a good security system to keep it protected and keeping the performance of the machine optimized.  All our attention often goes to the computer, but without a working monitor we would not be able to use the computer.  It is therefore a good idea to keep your monitor working up to par. Here are some tips I found at Dummies.com. on extending the life of your monitor.

  • Use a surge protector. Never plug your display directly into wall current. Instead, be sure to use a good-quality surge protector. Damage caused by an electrical spike ordinarily isn’t covered by manufacturer warranties.

  • Keep the air vents open. Never cover the air vents on the top or sides of a monitor. Doing so may result in a dangerous buildup of heat that can damage components or shorten their lives. Periodically, use a new paintbrush or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust on the monitor’s ventilation holes.

  • Leave your monitor on. The most dangerous moment in an electronic component’s life is when power is first applied, and the component goes from cold and uncharged to warm and full of electricity. Avoid turning your monitor on and off more than necessary.

  • Klutzproof your monitor. Be sure that the monitor is safely installed on a sturdy desk, with its cable properly out of tripping range of passersby. And, of course, don’t place cups of coffee or soda anywhere in the vicinity.

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