The Taskbar

The Taskbar  is located at the  bottom of the screen and contains the Start button on the left side. The current time, volume control, an icon displaying internet access, and battery usage on your wireless laptop is displayed on the far right side of the bar.

Most of the Taskbar, however, contains shortcuts to open windows. Whenever you open a program or window, it shows up in the task bar. If you have more then one program open, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word,  you will see at least two items in the middle area of the task bar, one representing Internet Explorer, and the other Microsoft Word. When you click on Internet Explorer in the Taskbar, that window will become active and you can now navigate the Interment.  Move your pointer to the Icon for Word "W" on the taskbar, click and  a Word page will be displayed on the screen.

Programs can be Pinned to the Taskbar for easy access.  You just click on the icon representing the program and it will open and become your active window.  These shortcuts should be programs you use often, so as not to let the taskbar become cluttered.

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