Why Am I Here?

Picture a beautiful green lawn, millions of blades of grass stretching across an acre of land. You pull a blade out and it goes unnoticed. You then pull a million blades out and the results become visible.   The beauty that existed is gone. 

Each of us is like a blade of grass in that we are born to be part of the whole. When circumstances in life become difficult I do not allow myself to feel like that single blade,which alone seems to have no meaning in the scheme of things, My existence does have an effect on the whole as does the life of each person.

  I strongly believe there is a reason we are here and perhaps that reaon is to create the beauty that is the human race.  I can contribute to this beauty and rejoice in what I create,  The choice is mine to make and I choose  to bring joy, share my knowledge, my love, my excitement, my visions,and my ideas, with others. No one is a single blade of grass.  We are all a part of that beautiful green lawn. It is in my power to plant a strong root that will be very difficult to pull out. I hope that I can  leave behind a world that is a little greener then the one I was born into.

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