Lately I have been getting an avalanche of pop up screens when I am on the Internet. One such message occurred as I was opening my email.
'You have encountered error messages. Browser may have been infected / Crash ..
Please call 1-877-404-0549 for immediate support'!
A friend of mine called one of these numbers and was told he had viruses which they would fix for $300.00. This was after he actually allowed them to gain access to his computer.
People have been getting calls supposedly from Microsoft. The person on the other end tells them they have a computer problem and for a sum of money they can fix it. They may give the unknown person their credit card number or access to their computer.

THESE ARE ALL SCAMS. NEVER GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW. NEVER ANSWER OR CLICK ON A WEB SITE THAT TELLS YOU THAT YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT WORKING AND NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED. So many people, especially seniors, have been giving out information before they even realize what is happening. If you have concerns about your computer consult a person you trust about the problem.

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